Record Retrieval for Litigation  

Producing Records

MCS offers a cloud based delivery of records that is high quality OCR scanned for easy word search. This is a key service for large record sets. Our cloud delivery service is secure and HIPPA compliant. You will be able to access your records wherever there is an internet connection. In addition, records can be produced in hard copy.  

A link to electronic records can be sent to your office should you need to provide copies to other attorneys involved in the case. This eliminates time spent copying the records and charging for copies. Another advantage is that 100% of all records requested can be easily moved to your law firms system, saving paper storage of old files.

Services and Technology

  • State of the art computer technology to assist in processing record orders
  • Extensive database containing the history of facilities sold, merged, dissolved or retired
  • Process hundreds of orders a month with a typical completion rate of 2-3 weeks
  • Customized invoicing, monthly consolidation of reports, and itemized pricing
  • Procurement of documents related to:
- Criminal Records                               -  Social Security Records
- Employment Records                         -  Military Records
- Tax Records                                       -  Scholastic Records
- Insurance Records                             -  Motor Vehicle Record Searches
- Medical Records                               -  Public Record Searches
- Veterans Records                              -  Medical Itemized Billing
- X- Rays                                              -  DOLI Records
- Unemployment Records                    -  Welfare Records